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CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions for different applications


Eyeviews's security surveillance system, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), is a complete system providing both front-end and back-end support for fully integrated digital security surveillance.

CCTV Solutions

CCTV Range

  • Standard Camera
  • High Speed Dome
  • Outdoor IR Camera
  • Mpeg4 IP Camera
  • Digital Video Recording
  • Peripherals

The advantage provided to security surveillance by digital video technology is enormous. Compared with conventional VCR/tape-based systems, DVR technology offers security surveillance systems significant improvements in:

  • Image quality
  • Stability
  • Physical and logistic challenges of storage and management
  • Remote access via LAN/Internet

High integration: The Eyeviews's DVR is a simplified front-end solution, replacing the standard VCR in traditional Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems, while improving both the quality and manageability of gathered surveillance data with the application of digital video superiority.

  • Monitor Small /Large offices
  • DVR based CCTV solutions
  • IP based CCTV solutions for LAN/WAN / Internet monitoring
  • Combine DVR & IP based CCTV solutions
  • Also monitor while you are on the move using a PDA!!