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Cases from investigative

Cases from investigative practice


Surgut. Automated bullet and cartridge case files of the Police Board of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. In spring 1998, an armed attack against a cash messenger was committed at the railway station. The cash messenger, in spite of wearing an armored waistcoat, was wounded. A great sum of money was stolen. The bullet found at the crime scene was input into the ARSENAL system. Soon a criminal gang headed by Mr B. was arrested. When being detained, he tried to throw away the IZh-79 gas pistol, modernized for shooting with Makarov's pistol 9mm-diameter bullets. At examining the test bullets, it was determined that the cash messenger had been wounded by the bullet fired form that pistol.

Surgut. In August 1998, the ARSENAL system received a bullet and cartridge case of Makarov's pistol 9mm-caliber, found at a crime scene. The bullet was slightly deformed, its leading surface having scratches (against a barrier or sand). Nevertheless, the expert succeeded in inputting it into the System and coding some most distinctive traces. In May 1999, another bullet was found at the other crime scene and inputted into ARSENAL. The chamber marks detected on the bullet were of a high quality (the bullet was found in a coat-lining). When verifying the bullets from recommended lists, it was determined the both bullets were fired from one and the same firearm. Besides, the last bullet had one more identification feature of "trace-to-trace" type, not revealed before. It became known that Mr.Ph was killed with the same firearm a year ago. So, that firearm turned out to be involved into 3 crimes.

Astana. Automated bullet and cartridge case files of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Kazakhstan. In September 1999, a Makarov's pistol was seized from Mr.A in Astana. When making an examination, several test fired bullets and cartridge cases were inputted in ARSENAL. On carrying out search against the available database, the ARSENAL system generated recommended lists, which helped to find out that the cartridge cases found 4 years ago at the crime scene of Mr.D wounding in T. District were fired from that pistol. The same pistol was found to be involved in an armed attack against the bank officers in Astana 3 years ago.