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ID Card Printing


The right printing technology for every level of security

We offer a wide selection of card printers to meet every customer's personalization requirements and budgets. Depending on your needs, you can choose between direct card printers and retransfer printers.

Our Direct Card Printers are fast and durable, low-cost solutions for companies, clubs, organizations and agencies. Images are printed directly onto the surface of a plastic card. Direct Card Printing is most commonly used for mid- and entry level security needs.

Our EDIsecure® XID Retransfer print technology provides over-the-edge full-color printing with outstanding image quality and enables printing even on longer-lasting non-PVC cards for more durability. It is ideal for applications which require offset-like printing quality. XID Retransfer technology does not print information directly onto a card, but instead prints on retransfer film, which is laminated onto the card surface. Therefore, the card body is better protected and its durability is improved substantially. The new generation of our EDIsecure® XID Retransfer Printers possesses a revolutionary dye-sublimation based UV ribbon. This revolutionary UV printing technology allows for fine tone gradient-scale reproduction of high-quality covert images onto a card, a feat unparalleled in the industry.

Our EDIsecure® printer portfolio consists of seven top-of-the-line printers which are available either as part of the Value Line, the Business Line or the Professional Line.

Value Line

The Value Line for easy access to ID card production consists of the single-side, edge-to-edge EDIsecure® DCP 240+ Direct Card Printer and the double-side, edge-to-edge EDIsecure® DCP 340+ Direct Card Printer.

Business Line

The Business Line for managing more demanding applications comprises of the new double-sided, edge-to-edge DCP 360+ Professional Direct-Card Printer and the modular EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer for superior print quality.

Professional Line

Our Professional Line for highly secure and high-volume operations is made up of the EDIsecure® XID Retransfer Printers XID 9300 and XID 9330 to provide utmost security and flexibility by using various optional external modules.

ID Card Printers