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Papillon BS-7


ARSENAL ABIS Leading Particulars:

  • Bullet caliber for inputting-------------------------------------- 5.45-25 mm
  • Maximal axial size of bullet evolvent -------------------------20 mm
  • Scanning area -----------------------------------------------------20x20 mm
  • Scanner resolution -----------------------------------------------2,7 mic
  • Average time for bullet evolvent imagery--------------------3 min.
  • Rifling pitch error --------------------------------------------------0.15 degrees
  • Land width error ---------------------------------------------------0.015 mm
  • Encoding of toolmarks on bullet and cartridge
  • case side -----------------------------------------------------------Semi-automatic
  • Encoding of toolmarks on cartridge cases ----------------Automatic
  • Automatic matching time for 1 bullet against
  • 1000-bullets array ------------------------------------------------15 min.
  • Interface -------------------------------------------------------------USB 2.0(480Mbit/s)

At working with database, ARSENAL provides the viewing of lists from any four divisions of the database ('Registered Bullets', 'Criminal Bullets', 'Registered Cartridge Cases', 'Criminal Cartridge Cases'). One can form selections on any of the fields, contained in a bullet or cartridge case descriptor (gun model, caliber, number of grooves and direction of twist, date and place of crime, criminal case number, etc.). For any element on the list, it is possible to display textual data entered before scanning, images of evolvent or impressions, candidate lists for bullet evolvent and impressions, candidate lists for marks on cartridge cases, and to print the images of evolvents and marks. To carry out comparative examination, the ARSENAL system has the facility to visually compare the images of evolvents and marks on bullets using the methods of juxtaposing and aligning and those on cartridge cases - by side-by-side comparison, overlapping and overlaying, either in a random order or in accord with candidate lists.

There is no need at all to utilize a comparison microscope when the ARSENAL ABIS is in operation. The system covers all the functional capabilities of both comparison and instrumental measuring (that determines traces and toolmarks pitch angle) microscopes.

The experience gained through the use of ARSENAL brings out clearly that the system works most effectively at law-enforcement agencies for forensic examination. The increase in the number of crimes solved with the help of the ARSENAL ABIS attests its high performance.

Created with ARSENAL ABIS electronic regional databases as well as state-of-the-art communication networks now open up opportunities to organize inter-regional information exchange. An expert, having ARSENAL at his disposal, can examine pairs of objects that are physically absent.