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EDIsecure® XID 9300


Highest performance for the personalization of smart cards and secure ID cards

For maximum flexibility in a professional environment, our innovative, double-side EDIsecure® XID 9300 Retransfer Printer comes prepared for various encoding and lamination options. It offers high quality and highly durable print results. With near offset print quality even on the challenging uneven surfaces of smart cards, this printer is perfect for use in highly secure and high volume operations such as government agencies, R&D departments, and laboratories, as well as multinational corporations.


  • Diverse security features: Dye-sublimation UV ribbon, IPSEC, and Security Erase
  • Optional mechanical locks to secure access to supplies and consumables
  • Rugged, industrial design with compact shape for heavy-duty use
  • Double-sided printing on a variety of card materials with up to 120 card per hour
  • Detachable card drawer and colored cartridge system for convenient and simple front-loading of supplies and cards
  • Heavy-duty ART Retransfer Film for long-lasting durable cards
  • Ideal for the printing and inline encoding of smart cards by using the Advanced Chip Encoding Framework
  • Optional single and double-side lamination for more durability and security
  • Various optional external modules
  • Optional lockable card stacker for 100 cards

The following supplies are available: YMCK, YMCKK, YMCK-PO and YMCK-UV ribbon as well as XID ART Retransfer film.

For more detailed product information such as specifications, features, supplies and encoding options, please download EDIsecure® XID 9300 datasheet.


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