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A sophisticated yet simple to use- Time and Attendance management system that lets you track and monitor employee time and attendance.

Eliminate your organisation’s stress associated with processing and reporting employee attendance. With features that allow managing overtime details and much more, you can now identify opportunities to increase employee utilisation and reduce employee absenteeism.


Complete Employee Attendance Management

Employee Login and Leave Request

Seamless Payroll Integration

Payroll for Manpower
Supplier Staff

Shift Adjustments

Database Backup

Secure System

Fast and innovative scheduling

Admin can login and configure various details like Minimum and Maximum working hours, Overtime details, Renewal Alerts, Ambiguities and much more.

Shift Management

Create Shifts, Shift Scheduling, Assigning Roster and Updating Roster.

In case the organization follows Roster based Time Attendance -the admin can create ‘shifts’ for each project and set different rules for each shift.


Regularize employee punch ambiguities.


eBizTMS has a workflow module which allows supervisors to approve attendance for employees who miss punch, leave early or come late.



Export attendance data into reports which can be printed or previewed on screen.

eBizTMS allows you to mail critical reports to selected employees, managers or department heads.