Card and USB Readers

There is no security without authorization.
We supply a range of RFID card readers ideal for customers seeking to alleviate their existing system for uses beyond physical security.


RF IDeas pcProx Plus is a dual frequency
card reader that combines Proximity and
Contactless technologies all in one reader.

Ethernet 241

Some network applications require a
network drop to accommodate a card
reader in the print management system.

TWN4 MultiTech Family

For organisations looking for an efficient
and optimal way to authenticate the print management system without typing their traditional credentials.

TWN3 Family

Ideal for organisations requiring a
low-cost solution for Multi-Functional
Device authentication, The Elatec TWN3
range of readers is designed for easy
integration into various applications.

OmniKey 5427

A Contactless card reader with
a modern design which functions
virtually in any PC environment.

OmniKey 5127CK

HID Global’s OMNIKEY® 5127CK reader board opens new market opportunities for system integrators seeking simple integration and development using standard interfaces such as CCID (Circuit Card Interface Device).