TWN4 MultiTech Family

Dual Frequency card readers for Single and Multifunctional Printer.


  • For organisations looking for an efficient and optimal way to authenticate the print management system without typing their traditional credentials
  • The Elatec Reader HID TWN4 is equipped to read majority of proximity technologies, which makes it “future-proof” should the organisations choose to change the card technology later.


Simultaneously read
RFID technology

The TWN4 MultiTech family of transponder readers and writers allows users to read and write to almost any 125 kHz / 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz tags and/or labels.

Programmed with a
Script Language

This feature allows the autonomous execution of even complex commands like login procedures. Increment/decrement functions and much more.

Powerful SDK

A powerful SDK for writing Apps which are directly executed on the reader. It is also equipped with infield upgradeable firmware and direct chip-command support.

Easy Integration

The unique combination of an integrated contact card slot and contactless RFID interface allows easy integration into various applications. This acts as an additional layer of security for highly sensitive information.

TWN3 Family

Single Frequency Desktop RFID reader.


  • Ideal for organisations requiring a low-cost solution for Multi-Functional Device authentication, The Elatec TWN3 range of readers is designed for easy integration into various applications. Popular TWN3 models include the Mifare readers and Multi 1256 readers.


Easy Integration

The TWN3 Family of RFID reader is designed to supports all major transponders from various suppliers like HID, ATMEL, ST, EM, TI etc. which allows it easy integration into various applications.

Modular Design

A design which allows it to achieve maximum flexibility and state of the art reading performance. It supports a USB or RS232 communication.

Secure Access Module

This enhances the security and cryptography performance in some readers to perform secure transactions.

Programmed with a
Script Language

Script Language allows for the autonomous execution of complex commands like login functions and much more.

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