Dual-frequency card reader for Single & Multifunctional Printers.


  • RF IDeas pcProx Plus is a dual frequency card reader that combines Proximity and Contactless technologies all in one reader.
  • It allows user to use their employee ID badges or any 13.56MHz or 125 kHz tags or labels for secure authentication in the workplace.
  • The reader along with a print management software makes it secure by features such as- authentication, job accounting, pull printing which helps employee take smarter judgments about their printing requirements.


Easy Interface

USB models connect directly to a USB port and can be configured to send data as keystroking, non-keystroking or Virtual Serial Communications.


Compatible with Windows XP, Windows7, Windows 8.1, ThinManager thin clients and Linux.

*Free configuration software is required on Windows OS.

Versatile Mounting Options

The articulated cable allows the standard housing reader to be easily mounted anywhere.

Accuracy of information and identification

Errors associated with individual identification is eliminated.

Ethernet 241

Ethernet 2 port switch for secure printing.


  • Some network applications require a network drop to accommodate a card reader in the print management system.
  • Ethernet 241 is a device which has two Ethernet ports acting as a two-port switch which can provide additional features such as- data encryption and standardized communication across different reader types, eliminating the need for a network drop and its associated costs.



Sensitive documents are no longer left visible to all.

Cost Savings

With the reduction of print jobs, the amount of paper and toner used are reduced.


Print jobs are no longer limited to the local printer. It can be printed in one location and picked up at any other location, even across a whole country.